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Well, I got a new scooter.  I rode it a lot today.  I went to Carlisle with it and got a helmet for Kyra.  (She was with her dad.)  I got her a pink helmet…

I took my friend Brad out to lunch at Friday’s.

I took lots of photos, but didn’t have a memory card in my camera, so I don’t have any.

I got Kyra from her dad though after and we went to Hanover for a big party where we didn’t know anyone.  It was actually quite awesome though.  It was at the house of someone who works with Dave’s (Dave is my boss at work.) wife at Gettysburg University.  They had a ton of people there and put on a private fireworks display.  They had all sorts of antique and classic cars and a DJ playing music.

Kyra was dancing and running back and forth from the swing set.  She had a blast.  She even liked the fireworks…she kept saying “That wasn’t too loud” and was laughing with some other little girl while eating popcorn and watching them.  It was pretty sweet.

We left early (just after the fireworks) because we took Cookie with us and he has to work at 3:30.  It is cool though…I love sleeping too.

Good Night