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Today was an okay day for me, but Kyra had just a terrible day.  You won’t be able to tell from the pictures, but she spent a whole lot of today crying, screaming, and hollaring.

We went to my bus meeting this morning.  This was like a private meeting.  I turned in all the changes to be made to my routes for her to do.  She looked at them, said okay…and that was that. 

We had about 2 hours time to kills, so I went to Walmart.  I needed some electrical outlet covers and some curtain rods.  We got those, but before we did.  Kyra had to throw a complete fit in the parking lot.  Yes, she laid on the pavement of the parking lot screaming because I changed her pee pants into a diaper.  I let her scream a few minutes, but got her up and straightened out.  We shopped fine after that. 

I ran into one of my old demonstration ladies in there, she was giving away coupons.  I love seeing the ladies that used to do demos with me.  There are some fun ladies.

We went to Tommy’s Ice Cream with the MOM’s club.  There were like 10 other kids there that Kyra could have played really good with, but nope.  She wanted Mom.  She had a screaming fit and laid on the floor in the corner screaming for quite awhile here.  It was sort of cute though there was an ad orable little 3 year old, she was like how do I get her off the floor.  I said tell her you want to play  with her.  She got down in her face, just like Kyra does us and says “I want to play with you”.  Kyra came around a little and played a little.  She was for the most part the worst behaved though.  That is unusual for her.  She is usually very good.

20070816_02501p I came home and Uncle Fester…oh I mean Stan…. was mowing the yard.  I think he was pretty proud of himself and it does look pretty good.

20070816_01609a I finally got Kyra to wear her flip-flops for a few laps of the house.

20070816_02603p I put my two electrical plates up, so we have no open wires ready to touch now.  I also put up these curtains on my back door. I am not so sure it is a good thing to do, putting curtains over a door.  I think this window is a huge reason it costs so much to cool my house though, so I am trying to conserve my energy a little.  I also don’t know if I like lace curtains in a kitchen with rooster curtains on the other actual windows, but again oh well.

Kyra had another screaming fit in here somewhere because I put her clothes back on her.  This was a longer fit.  I have had it with these fits by this point and just go lock myself in the bathroom.  I told her I would come out when she was quiet.  She hates when I do that, but after a few minutes she was quiet.  I came out and held her, but the fits weren’t over.

20070816_02804p She played some with the cat.  The cat eventually got fed up with this and went under the TV.  This caused her to scream.

20070816_04005p We went out to the goats.  Instead of having one giant mushroom, I now have a whole rainbow of giant mushrooms.

20070816_03905pWe have the bus now as well, so we were trying out the bus.

20070816_04806pI am not exactly sure where this container of red lip gloss spent the summer.  I thought I cleaned out everything.  It was a students that left it on there last year though because I remember it.  Anyways…we got into that.  It looks like blood everywhere.  That called for an immediate bath.  You should see our bathtub now, this stuff isn’t water soluble.  I think the baby is stained for life.  Kyra though now only has a red tint.  She essentially looks sunburned even after the bath. 

My bus seat was gross besides this stuff on it.  I had no idea.  I cleaned it with 409 and Goo Gone.  It worked pretty well, but I had 4 completely gross me out dirty towels when I was done.  Blah…

I made one of the best dinners I have made in a while.  It was Tilapia fish baked with orange juice and roasted potatoes.  It was so good.  Kyra ate her whole plate.

We sung the alphabet and watched Jimmy Neutron somewhere after here.  We came down to be ready for bed.  She didn’t fall asleep until after my bed time which was 11.  It was close to 11:15.  She was screaming again for a popsicle, but she has had 4 of them and it was late.  That is where I am now….it is way past my bedtime and I am really tired.  My head is beating from all the screaming of the day.  I am going to really sleep tonight. 

Good Night.