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My news files are over flowing today…so expect quite a few posts.  I would love to here your opinions, so don’t hesitate.

If you have been reading this site for any length of time, you will know where I stand on the side against seat belts in school busses.  I don’t believe it would be possible to unload 70+ students from the buckled in position in any reasonable amount of time.  It actually takes too long to unload them even without the buckles.  If you add the drama of a real emergency, this all sounds very tragic to me.

Here is my solution:  Pay drivers enough to be able to afford a minimal lifestyle on their bus pay alone to retain better drivers for a longer time and to not have to be constantly recruiting and training new drivers.   Quit making drivers barely able to afford a trailer to live in…no I have nothing against trailers.  Pay enough for this to be a worthwhile job that many would enjoy.

Here is the PDF to this story.