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Woo Hoo…. This dress is like so small. I have been looking for a model for it for a year. I promised my one neighbor that I would smudge her face. I got the dress at an auction for basically nothing and now finally I am going to eBay it. I really need the money, so I am hoping that it goes over $50. It is a beautiful dress though with handstitched on pearls and stuff.

Today was a good day.

I drove bus in the afternoon. Which is a good thing. I am still so ready for my own run. Ready Ready Ready….

Tomorrow is going to be a really busy day. If the driver that I drove for this afternoon is still sick in the morning and asks me to drive it will be especially busy. I am putting in a Revlon display at the local Walmart with the full-time Revlon lady. It should be interesting. Adam is keeping Kyra for the middle of the day, so he should have fun too.

I really need to take some pictures. I feel like I am letting myself down with no good pictures lately. So maybe I will take a photographical drive tomorrow evening after doing all this stuff for a break.

Well, I am going to bed early. Night… Posted by Picasa