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My dog has it big time.  He tears things up if you leave him alone in the house.  I have to get one of those crate things to keep him safe when we aren’t here.  I locked him in the bathroom this morning because it was cold out.

Stan went with Adam and Kyra.

20071029_00212p 20071029_00112p Well, he didn’t like that at all.  Here is the results….yeah.  He didn’t chew on the bones that I left.  He chewed on the electrical outlet.  What a dog, I wonder if he got a shock from this one or not??  I guess I’ll fix it tomorrow…who wants an electrical outlet ugly like this.

As for the dog??  He got tied outside for the rest of the day while I wasn’t home.  It got warmer though, so he was okay.

Kyra and Stan both had a good time they went and saw Andy.  It was great.

I got all 5 of my stores serviced today, which I think is some sort of record.  I pretty much worked all day though.  I broke two nails also, so hazard pay is probably in order.  I went to Target and got clippers to even them off, so now there is a nice expensive pair in my car for future incidence.

I got Kyra early to make up for my late Friday.  It is good though.  She is still awake, but watching Elmo contently.  I think I am going to bed slightly early.  Good Night…