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September has been a trying month pretty much.  My work has been steady and great though it has sort of held me together a little.  I absolutely love my co-workers even though we are each uniquely different in personality and we would never choose each other as friends, I don’t think without work.  We find commonality in work though and each have a unique take on that even.  Dave is the sales person, all about the sale.  Tarin is sinical, she likes sales.  However don’t think marketing is a ton of mostly fruitless work.  Me, if you haven’t figured it out.  I like sales.  I think our product is as good as it gets for insurance.  I am overtly honest though and sometimes this drives the sales away, but when it doesn’t I think I have a client for the long term.  We will see if that is true though next year.  I am overly through at explaining things going into to much detail sometimes.

Memory Stick 036 My break up with Stephen happened on the 7th.  The month up to that was about as stressful a time as I ever had in my life.  I did something or something changed in his parents either the end of last month like when we went to the corn festival or shortly after…I honestly not sure what happened.  At one point though his parents recommended to him that he break it off we me because we weren’t a good match.  They started to put a lot of pressure on him about it, as if he had to choose me or them.  Honestly it was heartbreaking to me that parents would do this.  I got to watch them rip his heart out and I probably wasn’t helping it.   I mean I get it at the one month point, but we are at the 11 month point….this should be done in my opinion at this point.  Oh well though…. Stephen was extremely torn as anyone would probably be.

When we broke up, it was almost a stress relief for me though.  I would have broke under the pressure of his parents.  It was affecting me.  I was crying a lot and that is very unlike me. 

We broke up with him having officially made the break up decision.  He kissed though and he was crying his eyes out.  It was sort of one of those surreal moments in life where you almost don’t believe what is happening.  Oh yeah, and in addition we went out the night before and had like the best time.  I rode the bull at Hot Pointe.  It was so much fun.  We definitely went out on a bang….

We have been text messaging since, so we will end as friends.  I imagine him as always being my friend, but we will see on that.  I definitely love him and part of me always will.

The realistic aspects though…we probably not a great match.  I think we would have worked though stuff though.  He drinks too much.  I would have been annoyed by that at some point and he probably would never admit it.   He also doesn’t like a lot of things and only would go because I dragged him. I think this would have stopped at some point.  I think I need someone that will willingly go to anything, do anything and make huge efforts to have fun.  My interests are very wide….  I can go dancing one night and to the goat show the next.  I love computers and home improvement shows.  Heck, I went to a garden show.  I like nature and bowling.  I wouldn’t mind going to play ping pong or something dumb like that.  I think I can have fun at anything. There is nothing that I totally don’t like.  Stephen probably wouldn’t have enjoyed a lot of these things and when he isn’t enjoying himself….you know. That sometimes annoyed me about being with him.  His interests are so limited.

Kyra has taken all this so great.  She basically understood what I was telling her.  We did walk one day and she wanted to go to Stephen’s house, so we did walk that way.  I told her we couldn’t stop there anymore and she was okay with that.  We just walked by, we walked about a mile.

_DSC1061 We have learned what happens when you put your toys in the oven without telling mom.  This is an ABC game.  It used to be pretty cool and it was helping Kyra learn her alphabet.  It no longer will serve that purpose.

_DSC1070We also practiced taking out own picture together.  I look like a fuzz head.  LOL…  I got my hair straightened right after this photo.  LOL….

Everything is calm again now.  I miss Stephen definitely, but it is calm.  I guess I am relieved that all that stress has been taken off of him. I think he is slightly stressing about if he did the right thing or not, but I can’t help him with that. I do sincerely hope he comes back around as a really great friend, but like I already said time will tell. 

I went out to the Hardware Bar this Friday night.  I danced on the bar for the first time.  I always wanted to do that, so I did.  It was fun, it is scary dancing and looking out at all the guys and realizing there are so many more guys than girls in this place.  I met a couple people who will probably turn into long term friends.  I was dancing with some crazy guy, who had so much energy I have no idea how he was jumping like that honestly.  We were dancing though and it turned 2.  It was like he was going to turn back into a pumpkin and he said “gotta go” and literally sprinted out of the place.  I got hit on by a cop, which is weird.  He was like a bodybuilder guy the whole bald just big look going on. He danced, but stiff like.  It was sort of comical.  The band Asking Andy was great.  I knew almost all the songs that they did, which is remarkable for a band honestly because my musical knowledge is a bit lacking. 

_DSC1075 _DSC1079 _DSC1087 Saturday we went to park.  We walked a full two miles.  We ate lunch at Wendy’s. We came home and Kyra laid on my belly and fell asleep like she used to do when she was really little.  I sat there holding her for a full 3-hour nap, I wouldn’t trade a minute of that time in to have been doing something else.  Man, do I love this kid.  I am so glad to have her. 

Today we went to Henrietta Lake and walked around that two times.  It was pretty fun.  I try to do fun things with her that don’t cost a lot or cost nothing.  My budget is really tight.  I am making it though, all my bills are paid.  That is the important thing and my income can only go up as I will start to get some renewals in 2 months and that will really help me and affect my pay.  I should sell more insurance too, so…I’ll give my work phone number here 717-486-7777 if you are in PA and would like a free quote.  Why not give me a call…. I might save you money and you will be helping us do more fun things.  LOL….  I would like to go to Sesame Street Place here before it is cold for the winter.  I doubt we do that one though.

Like I said before though….I am going to start posting to my site again regularly.  Probably daily again….  I also am trying to get that google warning junk off my site.  I don’t know what originally caused it.  There are no viruses here.  They are in people who commented here’s pages, so I deleted all the past comments.