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Today was a good day.

Kyra and I went to the park today. We went to the one on Britton Road first and played for a bit. There was a wedding party coming though and we weren’t done playing, so we headed over to the South Hampton Park and got played out. It was hot today but there was a nice breeze. Kyra likes swinging. At first she was laughing so hard. It was funny.

We came home I sort of had a headache. I think it was because of lack of food, so we ate some cereal for a quick fix. I than went and sort of layed down, but didn’t sleep. Kyra wasn’t interested in a nap. She only has one a day now and she had it before we went to park, so naps were over for her. I was laying on the bed though…she was playing real good with her toys there. Well, it couldn’t have been 2 minutes. I closed my eyes, still listening to her. She climbed up on the chair and then up on the dresser. When I looked up she was standing on top of the dresser waving at me. I about had a heart attack. That was the end of resting for me.

We went to the kitchen and I cooked a grilled chicken breast, see that summer of cooking did pay off. Now I can grill a chicken pretty good. I microwaved Kyra 2 chicken nuggets. She likes those and what she doesn’t eat of them the cat likes them too. We we went about eating. I think Kyra ate more of my chicken than I did. The cat ate more of her nuggets than she did. I sure am glad I had that bowl of cereal….LOL. I would still be starving.

After this, I went to go walk. We asked Cathy and Kristy if they wanted to go. They didn’t. Then my mennonite neighbor came walking by about the same time. So me and Kyra went with her and her son. We both had our little wagons. It was cute. I asked her if she knew our other neighbors that have the goats. She did….I asked her to introduce me because I wanted to see if they had a billy. I felt weird just going to there house. We went. They are really nice people with an 18 month old little boy. I had no idea. There are a lot of babies I have no idea exist in my neighborhood. His name was Ben, he is really big like over 30 lbs big, but really cute. Anyways…I asked about getting our two goats bred.

Well, our goats (Misty and Asheley) went to visit the Billy goat. We’ll get them back in a few weeks. So there is some goat love’n going on at our block. LOL… We put grain in the back of Kyra’s wagon and put them on a rope and down the street they walked. It was amazing. They were perfect. They are in an electric fence there, so they will get zapped a few times. There are probably 20 other goats in with them. They are all so cute though. It is a neat little herd. I am glad I met them, as they seem nice and they sure do take good care of these goats.

Here is an attept at a fram on one of the pictures I took of Kyra. I didn’t do it right, but it was fun trying. I am getting better at editing my pictures even though this is a bad example. I am going to start attemping some merging of two images and some percentage of transparency in images. It will be interesting.

Well, that was my day. Good Night…