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Here is a good photo. Why you may ask did I take a picture of a saw blade?? I thought it looked sharp. He, He. Don’t you agree?? Well, the truth is I am going to sell it on ebay. It is a carbide tip one which I guess makes it more expensive. I am not an expert at this though. We will see how it goes. I am sort of waiting on that stupid camera guy though before I finally do list it.

Today, was just a crazy day with all the traveling to doctors. (See next post)

Kyra is learning even better to get from her belly to her butt. She laughs like crazy when she does it. She likes walking back and forth in the hallway with you holding her. It is pretty fun.

Adam was watching cartoons today and Kyra wasn’t even in the room. He is so funny sometimes.

Well, this is it. I know it is really short. I am going to bed. I drive “MY” route in the morning. Night. Posted by Picasa