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20070722_02109a  Look out mom!  She can open the door all by herself now.  This is when you know your baby isn’t a baby anymore.  

So, today was crazy.  I went and did my Circuit City job.  I went and talked to my boss.  I talked to a lawyer.  I did a whole lot of talking basically.

I came home talked to Adam more.  We got it so that I have all of August bills paid.  He moves into his new place next Wednesday officially, he put all the deposit and that today.  He is moving to an apartment complex.  They have a nice pool, so maybe I will go take a swim when I pick up Kyra.  LOL….

I love it though.  Kyra was so excited to see me.  It was so wonderful.  I love that feeling when I see her after a few hours of not seeing her.  I hope that this continues when I don’t see her for 2 days.  Wwwwaaahhhhhh!

Ok, so I am going to bed now.  Good Night…