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Today was really sort of strange.  We started out pretty good.  We went to the MOMS Club playgroup, it was with a cars theme.  They had little cars to play with and tracks and stuff, real fun stuff.  Kyra was loving that. 

We went to Walmart afterward and spent some money that I don’t have, but we needed food.  Oh well…we stopped at the fresh food stand on the way home.  That is my favorite place to shop here lately.  I bought a half dozen ears of corn.  The lady only gave me 5 though I learned when I got home. 

I boiled that up almost immediately.  I ate 4 of them and Stan ate 1.  He is only allowed a 6 inch ear with his diet.  Oh my goodness, it was to die for delicious.  I know I will dream about it tonight.  It was that good.  Kyra didn’t want any.  I baked a salmon steak also for lunch and that was good too.

After that, Kyra got her swimsuit all ready and started saying “pool” over and over repeatedly.  I told her Cathy wasn’t home, but within a few minutes Cathy pulled into her driveway.  We gave her 10 minutes and than we went over and asked if she would take Kyra in the pool.  I think she loves it as much as Kyra does.  So they went swimming.

 We came home and I watched a CSI with Stan.  He had an attack of low sugar.  I think it was because we had supper late though.  He really has to eat exactly on time or it affects him in weird ways.  He had eaten though and I gave him another glass of juice, so he came back around. 

This whole time Kyra was sitting on my lap mostly.  She got up though went downstairs and I thought she was playing.  I left her alone a few minutes, but usually you can hear her.  I came down to check on her to see what crazy she was into and she was on her bed fast asleep.  I guess I tuckered her out today. 

20070807_02805pI didn’t take any pictures, but here is one from a few days ago, so you have something to look at.  She is loving these freezer popsicles lately.

I am going to get to bed early tonight it looks like. Good Night.