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Man, I really need to dust off my camera.  It is getting rather dull around here lately.  Sorry… 

Today was great.  I had a substitute driver ride with me this morning learning my routes, which was good.  I like having them know my routes because I have probably the hardest to learn route of the district.  It makes it nice finding a sub when they have riden with you.  Anyways, that sort of changed my plans around for the morning.

I had planned on just going to Lyn’s and parking the bus for the day, but I had to bring her back to leave instead.  I still went to Lyn’s though and parked the bus for the day, it just took longer.

We went shoe shopping today though. Deuce has been eating my shoes as of lately and I wanted a nice pair to wear to Thanksgiving.  Well, it was a successful day…amazingly.  I am very hard to buy shoes for generally because I have big feet, it is getting easier though as I get older.  I think more people are growing big feet, so stores are carrying these big shoes.  I wear size 10, 11, or 12 depending on the fit.  It is weird…I know.  I usually wear 11 though.

Anyways, I like black shoes generally.   I like squared of toes generally over round.  I like heels that are very high, like a 4 inch heel is cool.  These are hard to find usually.  Today though was an exception to any rule I have ever pretended existed.  I got 4 pair….yes you read that right.  I got 4 pairs.

I got one pair of 3 inch heels that are perfect for Thanksgiving.  I got a pair of 1 inch heels, with a quarter high boot top.  I got a pair of 5 inch heels with a very strappy style to them, more spring summer shoes.  Last, I got a pair of suede boots about 1/4 up calf length.  They are all pretty different. 

Oh…yeah… I only spent $36 on all 4 pair.  The two were in the clearance room and the other two pair I got at Payless which is always cheap shoes.  The funny thing is that on the main floor outside the clearance room, I didn’t find a single pair that I liked.

We went to Bonanza for lunch which was good.  Kyra now that girl can eat.  She really tore up that free salad bar.  Her appetite almost makes up for the price of my food because I swear in all seriousness that she ate 2 times what I ate.

We went and did our afternoon routes.  My kids were very hyped up.  I think they are ready for this vacation.  I guess I am too, but I am going to be so busy.  I put my resume in to a dispatch job as well, which is what I have experience in.  I wonder if I will have to drop things to go interview for this position.  It is in my same town, so it would maybe be cool.  Who knows…I just know that I really have to get a job here.

We got home though. Stephen asked if I still needed that drink.  Which of course I did.  This whole Stan crap is just crazy.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am what you would call a non-drinker.  I hardly ever drink.  I got Kyra all bundled up though and we went down to his house.  We watched Lady and the Tramp.  I think we watched it more than Kyra though.  I love that little dog that is trying to dig out of the pound, when the guy comes in every time he undoes the digging he just did. It cracks me up.  Adults should really rewatch these great movies.  LOL…

Oh, yeah and Stan is funny.  I asked him exactly what did I do that is making you move out.  He said “You got mad at me!”.

I sort of chuckled and said “If you were me, would you have been mad at you?”.

He said “Well, yeah!”

So I was like “Okay, that makes sense.”

He is going to move in with Adam until his hip is fixed and then move out of there and move in with his older brother whom he doesn’t really like that well.  It is all very bizarre to me.  I guess he is old enough to make his own decisions though, I told him he isn’t coming back and to make sure he thinks about what he is doing.

I do believe he is following through though, they have a truck rented for Friday and Andy took off work.  He packed all sort of stuff today, so I guess I just wish him luck from here.

I am up very late now, but I have some other work things to do.  I will be going to bed shortly though, tomorrow is 1/2 day of school though.  That makes it just one of those strange days, it messes up Kyra something like you haven’t ever seen.  I hate 1/2 days.

Good Night…