Select Page was an interesting day. I got to bed last night late, so I decided that I wasn’t going to wake up early and go shopping. I was just going to go when I woke up naturally. Well, low and behold…..Kyra had other plans. She was up and ready to go before 5, so we were one of the first people in line to get into Target shopping. I however didn’t get to see the ads, so I was shopping blind. I also had changed my store order because well..I don’t have enough money to go to Circuit City. I can spend way too much way too easily there. So I got Kyra some shirts and shoes and a few toys. I thought the toys would be for Christmas, but Adam had different plans for them as he opened them all and gave them to her. See the cute dolly?? LOL….that is one of the “Little Mommy” dolls. I think they are pretty cute.

So we were done with that portion of our shopping by 9 am. I came back home exhausted and took a long nap with Kyra. I actually slept longer than she did today. I don’t think I slept hardly at all last night. My stomach has been cramping lately and it keeps me awake at night. I think it is time for me to go to the doctors for it again. I went this summer but they didn’t find anything wrong, well. It still hurts sometimes, so something is going on in there. is Kyra and her water dumping demonstration that I talked about yesterday. She loves doing this and could do it for all day long. LOL…

Than the next one is something else I talk about all the time. The desire to climb things, well. She is a dare devil on top of that, she can ride her rocking tricycle with no hands….she jiggles it while standing on the seat. We have it surrounded with pillows in case she falls, but talk about spoiled huh? LOL…

Well, after all that excitement. This evening we went shopping again for our dishwasher. Woo Hoo huh… so we bought one that was on close out at Sears it was originally priced $600 something and we bought it for $339. It is a Maytag and has some buttons on the front with an LCD display, but most of the buttons are on the top lip of the door. The door seemed firm, which is what I was looking for. The number one complaint online in the reviews I read was that the doors were unstable, so this one seems to have a stable door. It is pretty white in color.

The amazing thing though is they gave us instant credit of $7000, so I must be doing something right. LOL…. I took the no interest offer until January 2008, though I will have it paid way before that. I will just give me extra money for Christmas and for this time of year, so we will worry with it next year.

So now we have everything we needed on our end for them to start the kitchen job.

The next thing for me is to go to bed. I am taking Robin to work tomorrow morning. She broke the key in her ignition, so me and Kyra will be up for that in the morning. So…today is a wrap for me. It is time to drop again. Night….