Select Page don’t have a picture of Kyra taken today. Here is one from a few days ago that didn’t make the cut for that day, but was cute. She has got the pens off the desk and is playing with them. She is like me and likes pens. We had a good day though.

Adam left and Kyra took a bath. She got out was running around bathroom and I took a quick shower. I was stinking pretty good at that point. I took a shower yesterday, but should have taken another one after the gym.

We went shopping for a new algae eater fish and a shower curtain. We came home with a pair of shoes for me and a shower curtain. Kyra really likes riding in the Kohl’s carts though, those little baskets with wheels though, so we almost always end up in there if we go to that plaza. She doesn’t like the ones with children seats, but the ones where she can stand up right inside that little basket thing. It is her perfect height. The pet store was out of the algae eater type fish that I wanted. I want one or two of the ones that don’t grow to be huge. There are ones that only grow to be about 5 inches long. Those are the ones that I want. stopped at Tony’s shop on the way back and got a converter for the white plug to the video input on my computer, so now I have two working monitors hooked to my same CPU. So there is an instant picture I just took of my new computer setup. I know it isn’t the best picture, but you get the idea. The 21 inch CRT monitor on the left for editing things where the detailed graphic details matter and the 19 inch wide screen LCD Flat panel on the right for most everything else. I will usually actually have the CRT one off when I am at my computer, at least that is my thoughts as of now. I will just turn it on when I am going to edit a graphic. I think I will like this set up though.

We came back from this and made pizza. Kyra ate really well. We were relaxing sitting on the couch watching the Top Chef marathon on TV. When our whole do me a favor, daughter of a friend came to borrow a pen and use our bathroom. I guess I shouldn’t have let her in to begin with as she smelled of alcohol, but I am always trying to help her. (Not anymore…) Any ways that went down…any ways.

We went back to relaxing and watching Top Chef. Kyra went to bed early at like 7:30 and is still asleep with me going to join her soon.

It was a good day. Tomorrow should be interesting. I am being the designated driver for a company Christmas party.