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I started out on a trip shopping.  We really annoyed this guy working in the Kohl’s shoe department, he must have been having like the worst day ever to see us 3 ladies in there trying on darn near every shoe they had.  LOL…  We weren’t that bad though, so I don’t really understand his frustration.  He started getting lippy with me about us taking the paper out of the shoes.  I asked him if he didn’t want us shopping there and he sort of walked away.  You should have seen the girls eyes when that happened.  LOL…  It was sort of funny.

We picked out about 4 outfits each and were trying them on.  I actually bought some shirts from there.  I used my 15% off coupon they mailed me, boy am I a sucker huh?? 

It was really fun though and we got to see some different stuff on.

20071126_02408pWe left there and went to Target.  I bought a vacuum cleaner.  Stan had taken his with him, so I had borrowed Robin’s.  That thing doesn’t work real good though and I am scared I will break it because she warned me about it breaking sometimes when I got it.  Aaahhhh!  I just got a Eureka Ultima something.  It has this cool dust wand thing, that I liked sort of yeah I know like I’ll use it.  ha…

We left there and I went to my dentist appointment.  Every single time, I go to the dentist who is in there getting their teeth fixed??  Tom, so yeah…. he was in there.  I waited for him to get done and we talked a good hour.  Man am I a blabber mouth…so fun.

I left there and immediately went to Circuit City to do my job.  I finished there went to Target, then Walmart.  I was on a roll, so I decided to just keep going.  I headed to Carlisle and did my jobs up there too.

I had forgotten I have new responsibility with Deuce at home, so I called Robin to ask if she could take him out.  Nope, she was down the road from me with some super for me.  Yum, I went and ate wings. 

I was talking to Stephen though, he was home, so he came and let Deuce out.  Woo Hoo. Saved….

I finished all my jobs.  Yeah, I am done with servicing all 5 of my stores this week already.  I scooped Kyra up from Adam a few hours early.

20071126_01707p 20071126_01907p I came home and my jaw dropped.  Deuce is such a bad dog…he is getting a kennel cage probably tomorrow.  He had my kitchen garbage spread all through my house.  He only had access to 2 rooms…I guess, so not all through my house.  These two rooms though.

20071126_02108p I cleaned it all up and put my new vacuum together.  I did a full sweep.  I was even ambitious and finally dusted off the fan with that handy duster thingy.  Kyra was wanting to give it a try, so I let her too.  That is the photo up there first tonight.

Kyra went to bed about 10 and I am up way too late now as it is past 1.  How come it is so easy for me to stay awake so late??  I am off to bed, Good Night…