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School had 2 hour delay.  Have I mentioned that I really don’t like those.  I had plans to leave about 10 and get some things done, but I didn’t finish my morning routes until 11 because of the delay.  It sucked…basically.  I still have things to do that would have been done.

So, we didn’t make it to the Candyland lights, we will. We were still shopping at 9 pm though. Candyland is still on the list of things to do.  I did get my Christmas tree bought.  I did get about 1/3 of my Kyra shopping done.  I did get all but 2 people in my extended family shopped for and done, now to wrap and ship those.

Anyways, I had a substitute do my afternoon routes yesterday.  It was probably a well needed break although, I like my job and don’t find it as stressful as others whom don’t do it would.  LOL…  Does that make sense??  I also really don’t like when they delay or close early. 

I only have 5 names left on my Christmas list!  How many do you have left??

Stephen hunted til about noon, didn’t see anything.  We left and went to lunch, than got tree, than went shopping.  We went to mall, Gander Mountain, Petsmart, Kohl’s, Target, Starbucks, and a couple other places. 

It is pretty fun, but sort of awkward for me at the same time to shop with someone who is as slow and patient as I am.  I am more used to being dragged around, come on let’s go, and your a slow poke stuff comes at me when I shopped in the past.  Yesterday, was like, “Hey you want to look in here??” and I wasn’t doing the talking.  I kept thinking to myself, this can’t be real as we read and laughed at all the tee shirts.  Yeah, I have read and laughed at tee shirts in the past.  It just wasn’t forced at all yesterday and in the past it has been.

I feel like a little kid though and this all has to be some sort of crazy dream that I should wake up from any minute.  I wake up in the mornings though and my counter is full of Christmas gifts that I bought the night before.

This morning was slightly different though in that I went to start my bus and it wouldn’t start, so here i am working on my site when I would normally be driving.  I guess there is something wrong with the batteries, that is what he got from listening to it through my cell while I was trying to start it.  Now, I would be just leaving the school heading home if today were a normal day. 

Instead, I have hit my driver news file, look at all those crazy drivers would you??  Man oh day, there are some crazy’s.  My kids are pretty lucky, I just make them sit in there seats.  LOL…

I have a doctors appointment in a few hours, so I am off to relax as best I can.  I hate doctors….I can feel my blood pressure rising and my body getting more tense as the minutes go by and that nice lady that I really hate comes to me and puts her cold hands on my body.  Blah….stopping thinking about it now!!  Have a good day.