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Diamondssaphire has hunted me down to show my desktop off.  Well, screenshots seem to only get one of my monitors.  I went ahead and since it was dark just took a photo for you with Nonsense, Fun, Tears, Happiness, and Anger All Rolled Into One proudly displaying on one of them.  I love your desktop by the way, the moving the icons so they line up down the nose is a good move.  LOL…  You have some software that I am envious of…I have some that you have as well, but not on my desktop.  I have a folder on my desktop with a ton of software titles I rarely use.

20070930_00209p Here it is…very boring.  Yeah, I am using the Windows default background, why because I can’t find a picture that I like the looks of it with all those icons covering up it.  I went through a phase where I changed my whole theme weekly for awhile and also a phase, where I used just solid blue background for awhile.

My icons are mostly images that I use for my site, like all my weekly meme images.  I use my desktop for all my new downloads and all my newly edited photos as well.  This picture of my desktop is now on my desktop.  I don’t do that much on the main desktop side though, I am more with the widescreen.  It has about 300 times better color.  I am almost ready to replace the right monitor…money money money.  LOL…

Oh goodness, so whom do I want to see the desktop of???

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There we go that is enough…have fun. Ladies lets see those desktop’s.  No cleaning them up now…