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The Super Bowl or should I say “The Big Game” is on right now. I am still hoping Seattle comes back to win. It isn’t that I have anything huge against Pittsburgh, but I don’t like there coach. He always seems like such a jerk to me.

My family has all be struck by this cold bug. We are all coughing and snotty. It sucks.

Isn’t Kyra cute on this little car thing. She don’t really sit all by herself on it long, but we stepped away for a split second to take this picture. She tries to walk which is why she falls over. If she would just settle and enjoy the ride she would do just fine. She likes to blow the horn on it though, which is funny to watch.

Today was another boring day. We stayed home all day. We got paid today and after I paid the bills we have $26 to last us for the next two weeks. I think this is typical of most homes, I guess.

I am hoping for that nice tax return. I may go in and have my friends at H&R Block figure them out, but not send them yet as I still have some 1099’s to get. They have until the end of February to send 1099’s, so they aren’t late yet. I want to see how much we will get back though, hopefully having Kyra gives us a big boost.

Well, I have to drive in morning. Night. Posted by Picasa