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Stephen is sick, probably very sick.  He nor I will admit it though, he looks terrible though.  He went to bed last night with this terrible fever and pretty much lulled around all day today.  Kyra and I were over there checking on him this morning.  I figured we would leave him alone to rest today. 

We came home and I got looking at my finances and it seems right today was the best possible day to do my Christmas shopping.  So, off we went to finish the shopping and that is basically what we did.  We have one thing left to buy, but the store was closed today.  Tomorrow I will pick that thing up and I am officially done.

I am not saying I won’t buy Kyra more things in the next few weeks because man that is hard to do.  I will have all my extended family packages shipped off though in good time.

Now, here is the amazing part.  I came home from shopping and what did I do??  I wrapped them all, yeah.  I am done wrapping too.

We did all that, it was a lot.  We went to 6 stores and really loafed around, the meandering shopper.

We went and checked in on Stephen then again.  He looks slightly better, but is still sick.  I am pretty sure what he has has already went through us, so feel pretty safe.  We watched Winnie the Pooh with him and came home. 

Kyra is sleep. I really need to take more photos here again, I am getting out of the habit as I sometimes do.

Tomorrow,Stan gets his hip operation and even though he doesn’t live here anymore.  I am still anxious slightly for him.  I want it to go well.  I found this article on stress relief techniques today…who knows where, but it has some good ideas. 

I will probably go visit him on Tuesday even though I not sure if that is the polite thing or not since he not related to me anymore…who knows.  It is all confusing.

Have a great night…