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I woke up at 9 this morning.  Still pretty much sick and feeling like I am going to puke like any second. I think I have now used an entire roll of toilet paper on my nose and each time I blow the paper becomes so wet it gets on my fingers.  Blah this is so disgusting.

So, I sort of continued my pattern started yesterday of moaning and groaning.  I did this til a little after 1.  I decided to take a nap at that time.  I slept until a little after 6.  Yeah, out cold sleeping.  I don’t even remember most of the day.

I am now awake.  I definitely feel better than my initial wake this morning, but I am still blowing my nose and just generally blah feeling.  I am also strangely tired, so I will be going to bed after this post.

Oh, and I am working on a an ad for one of my clients that is going to be published nationally in a magazine.  I have until Monday close of business to have it done.  Yeah…I learned the details of what needs done Friday night, so in all my spare time between coughs and nose blows.  I have been working on this. 

I find it amazing that there are so many graphics artists out there that would jump at the chance for national exposure and I get a gig like this.  LOL…  The particular ad that I am working on probably would take a person really trained in doing this only an hour or so to master as it is a fairly straight forward thing, but for me.  The, I enjoy playing with this stuff type hobbyist person.  It takes hours and hours to get the stuff exactly perfect and even than it isn’t exactly perfect. 

I am using amateur programs and stuff as well.  I don’t have Photoshop, I can’t afford that program.  I use Paint Shop Pro which I consider a great program, but it doesn’t offer the professional level stuff that I sometimes miss.

I wanted to post more of these pictures from yesterday because well mostly.  The girls   show their friends pictures that they took and I want them to be able too.  I took some pictures yesterday, but the ones here are the ones that the girls took using my camera at my house, while I was on the couch.  (I think Heather was the main photographer though as Miranda seems to be in most the shots.) This first shot is of Heather though.


I think this shot is interesting they are both pointing, but I think Kyra is pointing at the goats and Miranda is pointing at the camera.


I am not sure how this shot came, but I do know that the dresser she is standing next to has about 100 bibs in it and they were playing and laughing, so I think this is the resulting shot.  LOL…

This is Kyra in her wagon.  We have it well padded as she usually sleeps when we take her on walks in it. 

I like the angle of this shot and the sky was so nice behind.  Heather is sprouting into a great photographer, she should come visit more often.

The girls were here today as well, but I don’t think they got the camera out today.  I think they are going home tonight though for school tomorrow. They both live pretty far from me, with Miranda living over an hour away.  She comes closer to me on the weekends when she is with her dad though.

Anyways, they are great girls.  Who made my weekend of agony much better than it could have been.

Now onto Kyra, I would say she isn’t really sick anymore.  She however still hast to take the medicine, which sucks because she fights it. Well, she fights it half the time.  This morning were were able to trick her into drinking it with her chocolate milk, but this evening there was no tricking and we had to force the issue which makes us both feel terrible.  She has only 5 days left though, so that is good.  She is 1/2 done.  I am going to try to put some food color in it in the morning.  I think she has gotten the pink color down as bad.  It doesn’t taste bad though, it is actually quite tasty.  It is surprising to me that she is fighting it at all.

Well, like I said.  It is off to bed again for me.