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Today was a good day mostly.

We went to the mall because my husband’s Sirius radio antenna cord broke. They gave use a new one because it was under warranty. The cord is strange though, it isn’t like a regular wire that you can strip and than wire together. The plastic on it is more like slime and doesn’t strip from the wire. Oh well, I guess. We got the new one.

When we got home we went for a small hike, but Kyra fell asleep. When she is asleep she is way heavier than when she is awake. I have no idea why, but she is. So her sleeping makes me feel like turning around and heading home like twice as quick.

Here is a picture of my husband Adam during our hike. It is brown, but so pretty out don’t you think?? I think this is a good picture of him though.

I have no idea what has gotten into me lately. I have been eating vegtables like mad though. I even learned that I like roasted onions. I hate raw onions, but boy are they good after they are mushy and baked. I have been roasting potatoes, squash, carrots, onions, and eating my raw broccoli and cauliflower. I think I am loosing my mind. I have hardly had anything bad for me in like a week. I am not even on a diet of any kind. I think I have went over the deep edge. I need some fried food, maybe I can fry some vegtables.

Kyra is really moving a lot better now. She can basically get anywhere she wants. I am starting to teach her the meaning of “NO” even though she is young. I really don’t know when the proper time to start is, but I figure now is good with me. I just say “NO” and take her from whatever she is into. Nothing drastic of course. Like the only thing she isn’t allowed next to are the cat’s cardboard stuff and my computer cords. I pretty much have the house Kyra-ized.

She especially like being on the floor in the rooms without carpet which in our house is only the kitchen and bathroom. Our bathroom has a long hall though and we play with her bath tub floating toys in there. It is actually pretty fun, she can really whiz along on the floor there.

She is going to chase the cat when she get a little older. I can see it already. Her eyes light up everytime she sees Diamond come in the room. I have to guard Diamond a little now though because Kyra wants to pull her hair. We have a great cat though. She has the best disposition.

Well, that is all. Night. Posted by Picasa