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Is it really that hard??  My students think it is and I must be the meanest bus driver ever. I had one say that I wasn’t fair.  LOL… 

My middle school and high school are so good at sitting still.  What makes them so good versus the other?? 

I got to be the deciding vote in which boy a girl should take to the dance this afternoon which made me chuckle.  She is in 6th grade and she was deciding between another 6th grader or a 7th grader.  I think she liked the 7th grader better, so I told her to go for him even though he is already famous for being a heart breaker.  LOL.  I guess the 6th grade choice was less of a heart breaker, so all the girls that were voting for him were looking out for the girl.  I told her to just not worry about having her heart broke and just have fun at the dance.  It is all so comical for me.

20070921_00107a Kyra was wonderful today.  She tried my sweat shirt on for quite awhile this morning.  She looks like a little mummy in it, which is sort of comical. 

We mowed the yard today instead of our normal playing.

We went to the Moms Club – Mom’s Night Out – Yeah…I took Kyra.  There were like 3 other kids there too.  They are more less kids optional nights.  It was pretty crowded there though, so I sort of played on the side with Kyra.  It was good just to be someplace different.  I am the host of this event next month, so it is happening when Kyra is at Adam’s and Stan will be too.  I told him he was going.  LOL…

Kyra had an accident while there and I had cleaned out my car amazingly, so I didn’t even have wipes.  So I had to use other people’s wipes…it was a mom’s club so basically everyone had them which made me feel dumb.  Her pants were so bad that I took the garbage from there and put the pants right in with it.  Yeah, I think that is the first thing I have tossed for being messy.  It was beyond gross though.

Kyra is so cute though, she had some ice cream and when she was done she took the bowl and everything to the sink and said “All Gone” everyone smiled.  They had popcorn there, so it was “More” constantly even other people were giving her more. 

I am home now, she is watching Barney.  We are both going to bed in a minute though. Good Night…