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Today was one of the days that I started this blog for.

Kyra sat up via her own powers today. She just popped well, sort of rolled from being on her belly to being upright on her bum. She has been sitting on her own for awhile, but this is new. She is getting so big and is so smart.

We got a preview of our taxes being done today. We don’t have all our forms yet for official numbers, but I am sort of let down by the refund amount as of now. I hope the forms help, but I don’t think they will. They will add more income. We are going to get less this year than we did last year and we added Kyra this year. It is crazy. I hope this changes in the final draft, did I already say that?? LOL….

I got my new school bus run changed at the District Office today, so that it ends pointing toward my house and not back into town. I mainly just changed 2 stops, but it subtracts about 6 miles from my ride home at the end of the route. I also changed that I go around one block the opposite direction, but that will just make the road I come out on to be the clearer and easier to exit intersection. There will be 2 kids that get off the bus an hour earlier in the afternoon. They should be happy. This run is over an hour long, so the longest in our school district. It is very rural. I have already been informed that there is no RAP music to be played….he he. Now when I hear the cussing that I have started to hear. I can just turn on some urban music for revenge. LOL….

I guess I have two major rules on the bus runs that I drive. The first one is sit down. The second one is don’t cuss or talk disgusting. The kids on this run from what I have seen are good at the first rule, but haven’t got the second rule down. I hope I am wrong and this all changes when I start as I did tell them about there language. I however think they will stop behaving rule one and two as most new drivers get tested. I don’t think I will be different although they seem to not like there current driver as well as they could. He is a nice guy, but he is hard to relate too. (He is over 60 years old.)

I uploaded about 10 pictures to Fotolia today, so hopefully some of them will get approved. I am having bad luck lately with my photos. Oh, but I talked with a friend of mine Tony yesterday. I am probably going to be taking the photos at his wedding. It is in June. So that will be good.

The wack guy that bought my old camera on ebay. (It was a Nikon 5700.) Is now asking for a refund and left me negative feedback. He says: He wanted a digital SLR. My camera was perfect when I sent it. I had is serviced by Nokia in October and that costed me $225.00. I sold it for only $250 which is a fair price. I paid almost $500 for it though when I bought it. He has now claimed that it was different than described, what a crock. I even sent him a compact flash card and 3rd battery that wasn’t in the description.

How do I seem to attract quacks?

Oh, and I bought a camera harness to take some of the weight of my camera off my neck. They sent me the wrong item, so now I have to return that and wait and wait to get the correct item shipped. Why and how does this stuff happen to me??

I guess I was having a string of good luck with purchases, so I was bound to have this bad spell.

Oh well….I better get off my shoebox. Have a good night.

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