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Situation #1} Once upon a time you were married. For well over 20 years. You treated all on the in law’s side as your own. You saw births come and deaths go together. You were named Godparent of a child. Your spouse wanted out of the relationship. It was nothing you done, they just decided…” They didn’t want to be married any more. It was very painful for you to deal with the whole thing. For awhile you tried to stay involved in the other side of the family, with out having to deal with the one you were with. Time passed and you just stopped sending gifts to your { their } nieces and nephews. You received a call from your X- they tell you your Goddaughter or Godson was murdered. Do you call your X-sister in law,,,the mother and offer condolences? Do you attend the funeral?

Yes, yes and yes.  Twenty plus years is along time and it seems that you are very intertwined with this family.  I sort of imagine this as being like Adam’s family.  We have only been married 10 years not 20 and I feel like intertwined with his family.  There is no going back…or at least I don’t think so.

Situation #2} A friend of your who you know that is single and hates being single, you set them up on a date with a male friend of yours. She thinks he is a good guy, cute, caring and willing to give it a try. She confides in you that even thou he is great and all there is no magic for her there. You tell her to keep trying perhaps it shall come. Maybe if he lays the charm on and stops going so slow. He tells you that he thinks she is the one, the one he wants to stay with and rock on the porch with in the golden years. A few weeks have passed and she tells you she has broken it off with him. Do you even call him up and talk with him,or just wait till you run into him, and then tell him you are sorry?

I guess I tried.  I signed my friend, Steven, up for eHarmony today.  He doesn’t use computers, but we went through and did his whole personality profile crap that they do.  Do you know that it costs like $200 to be able to see your matches.  He is really going to pay though in a few weeks….when he saves his money.  If you 50+ year old ladies out there….close to me of course… He is a super nice guy.  LOL…  I won’t apologize for trying though.  If it doesn’t work out…that is not my fault.  I don’t think I would feel bad for either party in this case.  If it didn’t work, it didn’t work, try, try again.

Situation Sunday questions were posted here.  If you check back every week she posts new situations.