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Situation 1)  There is this new “adventure”, that teenagers, young adults are doing now. It is called Phrogging and will be on ABC Tuesday night 9/8 pm, on I-caught. The adventure is to sneak into a home and live there, under the noses of the home owner. They hide in closets, under beds- attic, where ever they can. If you were searching the net, and found out that a month ago your neighbors child was phrogging out at your house for a week, what would you do?

I think my neighbor kids would tell me what they were doing.  Their version would be more about what they could get away with from there parents and not me.  I would tell them that they could possibly be killed by their father, and never admit to anyone that I knew anything.  LOL…

Situation 2)  One of your parents who has always been the perfect parent is being accused of being a pedophiler by a child in your church. You have never had any clue or indication that your parent could do that. The only proof is the child’s word. Do you stand behind your parent and fight the accusation and totally believe them. Or do you keep your children from spending any time alone with their Grandparent?

I don’t know.  It would depend on a whole lot more of the situation.  I would probably supervise visits just until the law cleared things or it all settled down, but who knows.  This is a situation…I don’t even like imagining.

Situation 3)  A co-worker/ close friend always finds one excuse or another from doing anything . She always wants to spend time with her husband and kids, and has no time to do anything. Even when you include her whole family in on a outing, she acts all excited at first, then with in 2 minutes she starts making up excuses as to why she can’t do it. How do you handle that? And when do you give up trying?

I am super easy to give up trying with people.  I always have been.  I can’t pin it exactly when I would quit, but it would be very early in the relationship.  If this is this persons personality.  I highly doubt that they would make it to “close friend” with me.  I am tough that way.

Situations Sunday is a fun meme made up over at Helena-Skyblue.  She posts the situations every week for submiting onto your own sites.