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Helena-Skyblue is responsible for coming up with these wonderful crazy out of this world predicaments she puts me in each week with Situation Sunday.  You too can join in the awkwardness, but answering in the comments or blogging them yourself.

Situation #1
You are out rock climbing with friends and half way to the top you notice a pack of wolves. So you all decide to go back down and make a run for the truck. On the way down you notice a grizzly bear, it is huge….What do you do? { No cell phones}

Start screaming “Lassie” as loud as I can while swinging my arms and anything else I can find to make me appear bigger.  That has to make him run.  Boo!

Situation #2
You and your husband/wife or significant other are out locally shopping. A car goes by, that happens to be having something hanging on the bottom of it. You want to go tell them, but you hear from your partner,,They know about it, leave them alone. Do you go tell them any-way or just shrug it off as “ya your probably right,,,,What do you do?

If I am going out of my way to tell them, I don’t.  If they are right there like parked next to me, I would.

Situation #3
You are out walking/jogging or riding your bike. And you come across a bag with a very large sum of money in it,,,,50,000. No one is around….What do you do?…………..
Now that you have done what you decided to, a month later in the paper is a article about this handicapped person that was robbed of $50,000, are you happy with the decision you made earlier?

I would turn it in and if nobody claimed it hope that they would give it back to me.  Yeah, I would be happy with my decision.  It is a good one.  Now to hope I find $50,000…oh the joy.