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Situation #1
You have traveled across state lines to be at a close friend/acquaints wedding, at the church you realize you outfit is the same as the brides mothers or fathers…..what do you do before if any the receptions begins?

Nope, I am usually the worst dressed.  I am lucky that I wear a dress at all.  I considered wearing jeans to the wedding that I went to this weekend.  It would be really sad if the bride or parent of the bride were dressed like me or a very informal wedding.  (I wore jeans to my wedding.)

Situation #2
You are on vacation, { camping, at a state park} and during a outing of a bike ride, a storm has brewed….the skies look hideous-tornado,hurricane or severe thunder- who knows. Race as you may, you will not reach your spot. So you head to nearest shelter. You are alone. You reach a bathroom, on the campgrounds…..the next person to enter the Levine….is 9 month’s pregnant—-they go into labor….no cell service….they beg you not to leave them,,,as each second draws closer to birth…..what do you do?

I guess I deliver a baby.  I had a home birth with Kyra and it isn’t as bad as what people say.  The biggest thing is just relax and everything is going to turn out one way or another.

Situation #3
You are @ a wedding of a close friend, or relative; of your date’s,,, The $ dollar dance is up. You do the nice thing of paying to dance with one of the ” Happy Couple”, and they either dance a little too close and make it a grind move,or come right out and ask you out… do you react….right there on the floor….what do you do or say?

I think I would have a heart attack.  I would become a statue of silence.  LOL…

Situation #4
You are entering a contest on ” What makes you the most glad to be alive” what do you write about? And why?

Oh, I love life.  Simple things like the smell of rain, little kisses, or something like that would be my answer.  It would be because those are the things that mean so much even though are so small.  The sometimes unappreciated things in life.

If you are interested in Situation Sunday.  The situations are posted weekly here.