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Check out Situation Sunday by Helena if you haven’t already.

Situation # 1 – You are on a camping outing in the mountains . { With family or friends}.The car is about 200 feet away from your site. Your cabin is about a hundred feet away from the river. You are all by the river around a campfire. Having a great time. Everyone is talking and enjoying them selves, and no one has noticed that 2 mountain lions are approaching, The cats are 4 feet away in the when someone notices……what do you do?

I would stay next to the fire and maybe wave something that is on fire in their direction.

Situation # 2 – You have a close friend that you work with. They come to work the majority of the time wearing cloths that either do not match, or look like they are a size 8 and your friend is a size 14. They have stretched the spandex to the point of spandex screeching. Your friend is not poor and definitely has the money to be dressing better. They all so are very sensitive. How do you tell them about it?

I don’t.  I could care less what other people wear.  I am maybe even this friend, well…the unmatching part.  I don’t wear spandex and think my jeans look nice.  LOL…

Situation # 3 – Your spouse is total very negative. As the years go by they are getting worse. Nothing you do is right.They never has a nice word to say to anyone. They finds fault in all your friends and family. They are draining your positive energy. Christmas is here and they do not appreciate anything anyone has gave them. They have every thing they need. You yet have to shop for them……..What would you get or give to them that might make a difference or help them to turn everything around to make them appreciate and enjoy it?

I don’t buy anything for them.  I don’t even give them a lump of coal.  I hadn’t bought my husband a Christmas gift in probably 5 years because of basically this.  I also didn’t receive a gift in exchange.  We have just been scrooges.  I put a tree up last year and was all excited about it and he didn’t even help me decorate it.  I am divorced from this situation at this point.  It is wonderful actually.

Have a great week.