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Helena is the gracious host of Situation Sunday each week.  Check them out.

Your boss who has done everything in the book to tick every one off at one time or another in a office of 7 people presents you with with a Birthday card… you open it it is a used card that was presented to her on her last birthday. Her name is crossed out and replaced by your name…….What do you do or say?

I don’t say anything, but her next birthday.  I’ll just cross off my name and replace it with hers.  It would become a fun tradition.  I really wouldn’t care, save me some money.

You have no issues with being White, Mexican, Polish or black or yellow. Your boss who is black and dealing with 7 co workers at times, that are white….you notice that they say to another worker ” You apple pie people. You remain silent and the person that it is said to laughs it off. The holidays rolls around and the boss says I am going to bring some culture to you all….and servers you a dinner of fried chicken and collard greens. Do you feel that this is racism, and if so what do you do?

Yeah, it probably is racism.  Fried chicken and collard greens are good though, so who cares.  There is no way to cure people who are racist, but just to ignore them.

The bank in your neighbor hood has been robbed. They caught the guy running out of the park by your house. No money was found on him. They searched the area for days and no loot was found. You are out walking your dog….he wonders off the path and you go after him…..He starts digging in the woods and unearths the loot from the bank robbery……no one is around…..what do you do?

I guess I thank goodness for FDIC first.  I wonder why did I go after this guy?  Am I asking for trouble or what?  I hope I have more sense than follow criminals into wooded areas.  DUH!  Me…  I would probably go back to my house and call the cops, but really I don’t know if I would or not.