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Head over to Helena Skyblue to see other Situation Sunday participants this week and become one yourself.

Situation #1 – You are enjoying a nice lazy summer afternoon. Your nearest neighbor is around 4 miles away. Everyone that could be at your house are all gone. You decide to go take a napp out in the hammock. As you slowly come awake you hear a low growl. You open your eyes and there is a pack of coyotes surrounding you and the house………What do you do?

Jump up, start swinging my arms and making the most racket that I can possibly make.  Hopefully I had my cell phone in my pocket, which I usually do.  I would call 911, but I guess the wolves would be gone and either I would be too or not. 

Situation #2 – As you are driving down the interstate, (95) You think to your self,,,Thank God it is not that busy you can make great time. As this on coming car passes you and starts to get back in your lane, you tap your brakes a little,, and then you notice they are not working… you try again to tap them, your foot goes straight to the floor……What do you do.

I don’t push the gas anymore that is for sure, I put the car in lower gear, I slowly coast onto the shoulder, I pull the emergency brake if it has one and glide to a smooth slow stop.  I probably wouldn’t be to stressed actually.  I would be calm although I can’t imagine 95 on a slow day…do those happen over there??

Situation #3 – As the holidays approach every one is having a party. Your boss has invited you too a party she is giving. You clearly can tell that most of the time the boss is a complete witch to you, Do you go to her party . Every one else from the office shall be there. What do you do?

Nope, I don’t go.  I have some sort of other plans already.