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The wonderful Helena compiles these complex situations each and every Sunday.

1} You are living in a small city. Your yard is all fenced in. One day you are out fiddling around your garden, and your back gate quickly opens up…a man is there and quickly as he can closes the gate and approaches you. It is the President of your country. He explains to you all of his body gaurds are dead,,,,and now "They" are after him. As you ask him to define "They", he exclaims not now please…Hide me! You have your loved ones in side…….What do you do?

My backyard is easy to hide in, so I would just say "Hide away".  I wouldn’t take Bush into my house though, goodness gracious.

2} You have a half sister, just by a remarriage of your father. She is 44 years old, {her blood mother excluded her from the will when she died} She has been in and out of rehabs,,,….Well she has straightened out for the most part….married and struggling between jobs. She has asked if she can live with you till she & hubby gets on her feet. She was just living with her blood sister, but she kicked them out. What do you do?

No, she can’t live with me.  I’d maybe help her get a place, but no.  It has nothing to do with 1/2 sister or anything though, she could be full on sister.  NO.

3} You have just found a treasure chest worth 5 million. Easy spending it with out any questions. But there has ben a notice around searching for it for years, a reward of a half a million…….What do you do?

So the question is 5 million dollars easy money versus 1/2 million dollars by doing the right thing.  I think this person who made this reward is crazy.  Maybe I would say I found it and there was only 4 million, is that 1/2 good??   Bury the first million somewhere for Kyra when she is older and take that award money and mostly pay off my bills and invest the rest.  I like where I am at.