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Here is my Situation Sunday for this week.

Situation #1
You are driving in the city, the car in front of you runs a red light and crashes with a oncoming car. The car that ran the red light belongs to the Mafia, and states it was not their fault. The police officer asks you if you saw what happened, what do you do?

Why do I know all this information.  Has anyone not driven in the city before?  People don’t really stick around for accidents do they??  I would not know who was driving the car, nor would the cops have ever seen me.  That would be almost any situation in a city driving.  I would have turned on my turn signal and went the scenic route to my destination never having stopped or anything.  Am I heartless???  It is city though, there are the people walking on the street and more than enough rubber necker surely they would have gotten help.

Situation #2
You are at home and your cell phone rings….accidentally, the person you have on the other line didn’t realize as they put it in there purse the hit the button that contacts you, As you try to say Hello, it goes unheard and you can hear their conversation. The person is talking to your boss which is also theirs, They are spreading lies to make you look bad and them look good…..What do you do?

Ask them about it when I see them next making a point that I see them next within a reasonable amount of time.

A planet loaded with extremely toxic gas is on its way to crashing into the earth. Scientist, and all the world leaders foresee the end of the earth in 4 months,, The end is near and now it is time to plan…….What do you do?

How do you plan for the end of the world?  Who cares, just live.  Enjoy your life like you hopefully do everyday anyways.  If you aren’t, you should change something.  I love my life and the end of the world isn’t really a big deal in my eyes.  I wouldn’t change a thing.