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Yes, I am a week behind.  I seriously posted last weeks Situations yesterday thinking that I was current.  I am really loosing it.

Situation # 1
You have lived in your house for many of generations. The property next door is for sale. Your great Grandfather planted a huge tree that is right on the boarder of both properties. You love adore that tree as part of the history of it as much as it looks. People have purchased the place next door and want that tree removed. Half of it’s root system is on theirs and yours. What do you do?

Have a conversation with them about the history of the tree, but ultimately it is the possession of both and it one doesn’t want.  I don’t believe the other can force it to be there.

Situation #2
You are lying in your second floor bedroom. Looking up at the stars at night through the skylight window. All of the sudden you hear a loud thump on the roof. The next thing you see out of the skylight window is this creature that is naked. It has arms and legs, the anatomy of a man, but also a long tail. Clearly you realize this creature is not of this world. You reach for the phone and it is dead……What do you do?

Keep looking out the sky light window.  This would be an interesting sight, I wouldn’t want to miss a minute.

Situation # 3
You have been selected to appear on Oprah’s Big Give, it is a new competition where she gives you a million dollars to give away along with 10 others. You have to give it all away the quickest , and the best…as meaning the neediest and most deserving….What do you do?

Start passing out cash on the streets of small towns (skip the city everyone gives stuff away in cities), like the one I live in.  Give to those small shop owners, give to the middle section.  It would be fun.  There are needy people everywhere look around.  Most people I know would flip at being given $100.  We need it, but don’t have it.