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The lovely Helena brings us Situation Sunday each week.  Check her out!

Situation # 1
You are on a busy windy mountain road. There is only 2 lanes for traffic, coming and going. The truck in front of you is a car carrier with a full load of cars, as it is going around one of the turns you notice a chain break on the top…almost as in slow motion the cars start rolling off and heading towards you……What do you do?

What I saw a chain break, this isn’t like me.  I would probably be dead before I saw a chain break on a truck.  Okay, so I do see it.  I swerve and my chances are still 50/50 for death.

Situation # 2
You are having a dinner party and as much as you want to invite a close friend, you hesitate to ask them because their spouse/partner is very hard of hearing and mostly yells their words. When you friend hears of the upcoming dinner what do you say or tell them?

That this was a private dinner and that they will be invited next time.  You don’t invite everyone to everything, get over it.

Situation # 3
Your partner tells you that they care for you a lot. But as time has passed they no longer feel turned on by you, actually a lot of things they see in you now finds them repulsed…..What do you say or do?

Well, good bye would be in order don’t drag this on.  It is so immature to keep going when things are sucking, time makes you more invested, so leave as soon as you know it isn’t going to work and invest your time in new potential.