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Situation Sunday is brought to you by Helena.

Situation # 1
You are doing some of your annual spring cleaning. Time to flip the mattress. As it fall onto it’s new side….a swarm of flying insects…by the thousands come out and immediately start attacking you. You are the only one home in the house at the time….what do you do?

Run for the shower, insects hate showers.  I am wondering how I am going to get the mattress out though so when everything is calm again.  I get the raid ready to go for another round.

Situation # 2
After a lengthy relationship that ended on the sour note. You have dated a bunch of losers and some winners but they just were not what you were looking for. You have found what you believe is Mr/Mrs. right. Your job finds you in many different office’s, at various locations in between 2 counties, none of which you live in by the way. You deal with the community as you are working….You now have found the Right person in your life! All is just going great, and you are contemplating moving in or marriage when….You are working and you see your honey coming in the door. You are surprised that they are there. They act like they don’t know you and after a very lengthy conversation you find out they were adopted when they a baby. When you show them a picture of the one you are in love with it is like they are looking in a mirror. You tell your love this and they are also surprised, and thrilled they have a sibling. As time goes by you realize you could love them both….either way your a winner- What do you do?

Keep being with the first one trying to find differences, so I could catch a switch.  I would be nervous that they would attempt a switch.  I would encourage them to become better brothers.

Situation # 3
This is the road of life. You have reached the half way point or a little beyond. You are OK. Your mate says’s he loves you, and your life is comfortable it just has no Zing. When you think of what you have in common it really is zilch at this point. You have been there 30 years, so you know. On the other side of this road is the unknown…but it might be the missing link you need in your life. You know that person on the other side likes so many things you do…..from TV shows to music. Do you risk all you have to find out…or do you remain with no Zing. With no Zing you have no worries that they will always be there, on the other side you have the unknown……What do you do?

I guess I have to say I go with the unknown because that is sort of where I am at in life.  My  divorce was mutual though, so it is like we both chose the unknown at the same time.  I am happy so far with my unknown, but at this point it is still that unknown.  My life I live one day at a time as of now.  I enjoy it very much though, it is completely different now from when I was comfortably and predictably married.  It only took me 10 years to figure all that out though, not 30.  I have known people that it took 30 though and some marriages where they stayed together for the kids, so when the kids were gone so were they.

So ultimately I say go with the Zing as of right now.  Don’t mess with your kids though either, I am pretty sure Kyra is happier now that she has 2 homes and isn’t around people that aren’t really interested in each other anymore.  She used to try to keep us in different rooms when we were together, now she doesn’t do that with me anymore.  She enjoys going to her dad’s though and than enjoys coming back.  It is really sweet actually and she is doing great with it.