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Situation Sunday is brought to you from Philadelphia by Helena.

Situation #1
You spouse/friend/SO has came home and told you that “We need to move by the morrow. They have just lost the house and all of your savings in a gambling adventure. Pooled together you both together have $50. { Your choice now…you either have kids or you don’t} How are you going to handle?

Someone will die. So no bothers with moving out, jail time would be in order.

Situation #2
You are cleaning the house. Making the bed and you decide to flip the mattress. Under your significant others side you see some photo’s. It is of them with a co-worker {same sex } taken as a couple in the most sexual positions you have ever seen. What do you do…how are you going to handle this?

I would laugh, but I don’t think I would be in that relationship for much longer. I like eleclusiveness with these types of things.

Situation #3
You have a 7 year old child that rides the school bus to and from school. They get off the bus last. They have have come home one night and told you the bus driver let them swing on the handles before the stairs, and received a quarter every time they swung past the driver and he got to tickle them. {This has happened to me} The bus driver and the grown-ups get together a few times a month and play cards. How do you handle this and what do you do?

Um…this is terrible. I don’t think that my kid would be riding the bus much longer in this case. I would talk to the school about it as well try to get the route changed so that in the future my kid could be toward the beginning because of this situation.