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Situation Sunday situations can be found at Helena-Skyblue on Saturday night.

#1} Some-one has left a small baby on your door step. The note says that the baby is 6months old and they can not raise it any longer- A brain tumor is consuming the mother and she has no where to turn, she feels that a orphanage and the courts system will not help, and begs in the note for you to raise. She has enclosed 1/4 of a million dollars in cash to help……What do you do?

Call 911, but ask to be considered to raise the kid.  I would let them decide though ultimately and get legal custody of the baby.  I can’t imagine raising a kid a few years and then the “real” mom coming back and denying this whole crazy scenario.  That would be much harder than starting out right with the kid.

#2} A parent has passed away, you are one of the siblings that have inherited the monetary amount of their assets. You and 2 other siblings have equal share. There is a four sibling that received nothing but a mention in the will; the mention is that the parent has given so much to the 4Th child over the years as they blew all their own money on drugs. The parent has supplied cars, food, paid the bills, covered the mortgage. All of it is there in the will, and all have received a copy of it. Also by now the 4Th child has cleaned up their act and has been drug free for 1 year. What do you do, or react or say to the 4Th child?

I don’t know.  I imagine if it were huge amount of money.  That 4th kid would get some of mine as a gift.  I would be a terrible person with a lot of money though.  I see myself paying off my neighbors homes and all sort of really nice things.  LOL…

#3} You are hiking alone, up a dried ravine that you have stumbled across. As you start to explore and go farther along….a boulder falls and lands on your right leg. Try as you might you cannot free it. You have no cell phone, and no-one is around for miles. You wait 3 days hoping someone would come by,,,no luck. Could you use your pocket knife and cut your leg free? What do you do?

I would die there probably.  No, I could not cut off my own leg.  I would never be hiking alone though.  I won’t walk around the block alone hardly and I have no idea why.  I guess I have done it, I always feel weird about it though, so my guess is I watch to much TV.  I am not scared, but I like having someone with me.