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Situation #1
You and your spouse,or life partner, have giving birth to a beautiful baby. As the years go by , say 5 years. The hospital’s lawyer calls you and tells you there was a terrible mistake on there part, and you have been given the wrong child. All DNA tests have been done, and is correct. What do you do and how do you handle it.

I would try to get it so that I could keep the baby that I had.  I would also accept the real baby if reason for the discovery was it needed a loving home.  I would hate giving up the kid that I have invested all my time and love into though.  There has to be something against that too….somewhere.  It just isn’t right.

Situation #2
You have lost a job do to no fault of your own. The company you worked for has always paid your health insurance 100%. The have told you in the past that they pay the insurance the middle of the month to cover the next month. The job ends in April-the ending of the month. You figure that May has been covered and it has. In May you pay for the coverage of June. In June you pay for the coverage of July. As you do this the office gives you a receipt. In July you get a phone call from your old employer that tells you you owe $700, for July’s insurance and the next month August. You have been a excellent employ in the past and have saved the company hundreds of dollars, and now they are trying to rip you off, The old Boss says call the business office and talk to them. What do you do and how to you react?

I probably would do nothing.  I might call though and talk to them.  I have in the past been fired do to no fault of my own.  I was fired 10 hours before I was employed one year.  They didn’t give me any vacation or any sick days or any of the benefits I would have gotten had I worked that one more shift.  I still hate that company… USF Glen Moore which is now owned by Roadway Yellow Freight.  I don’t recommend you work there.  LOL…

Situation #3
You have no children. You are in a relationship for numerous years. It really is not going any where-Day in day out same old humdrom. You love each other but affection is taken for granted, days go by with out a hug. Could you give up your Job-Home, to travel the globe with some one you feel is your true soul mate. Never coming back to where you started from. Could you do it in search of happiness and adventure?

Yeah, I think I could.

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