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This weeks situations were found here, as per usual.  I love that site, by the way.


  • A friend or family member has moved back home. Close to you now. They have purchased a puppy that is a pure breed, from a local. You have found out that the puppy is stolen. The true owners have offered a reward…the puppy belongs to their dying child. You know the puppy is in good hands,,and that the new owners children are now attached….what do you say or do? 

Claim the reward and wish my family member hadn’t moved so close to me.  My friends wouldn’t do this. 

  • You have been dating this person for a while. You love them and they have asked you to marry . As you are working out the final arrangements…your intend to be tells you….That they have had a sex change operation and that they are so glad that they decided to do it—How do you react,,-what do you choose to do next?

Did you want Law and Order for this one??  I just saw a show that had the criminal having almost this situation.  It didn’t turn out so good. 

I wouldn’t marry someone who was a guy and after we go married was going to turn into a gal.  Aaaaahhhhhh!  I think I would just walk away with no hard feelings and maybe just a friendship…maybe on the friendship.  The whole situation seems pretty deceptive though.  I probably would be too untrusting for the friendship to work out long term.  Who knows though, life has a way of always throwing curve balls.

  • You have been offered by Time Life {magazine}, to take a year off from your job and get the full amount of your pay. Plus your job is held for you till you come back. All you have to do is write about your your thoughts, and what ever you feel. You are given 2 choices of where you can do this–on a deserted island { all food and necessities are provided,,,but you are alone} or Anartica, if you choose the artic you will get a bonus of $10,000. Which do you choose? { For the detailed…you have shelter, no electric- no human contact till the year is up. What do you choose? Why? And what will you write about?

Oh the island easy.  I assume I have internet connection, so not really alone.  I would manage fine (I live mildly sheltered anyways.) and write about whatever, I was thinking and feeling, like my job description called for.  I think I would miss my family here a lot, so would probably be a headliner frequently.  I would try to be completely happy though and just relax and get the best of anything I could off the island.  It would be a huge learning year, I would come home much more confident.  I am sure.  Imagine the books I could have read??  LOL…