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  1. You are on a hike with 5 other friends. You come to a bridge over a ravine, The bridge is made up of 2 ropes and wood planks. Two of your friends have already crossed and are on the opposite side, you go to cross and the rope on the left breaks away from one side, and then breaks away from the right side on the opposite end, what do you do?
  2. A person you have been dating along time, or your spouse decides that they need more creativity in the bedroom. Where do you draw the line from kinky to totally far-fetched?
  3. You and your spouse have separated after a rather lengthy marriage/relationship of 20 years. The other party was at fault. You have always gotten along with the “in laws”, to the point that they have made you a Godparent. Now after the split, you become the bad one to most of them. If there was a significant death of a close in law, Do you attend the funeral?


  1. I guess I got to put my rope climbing skills to the test, so I would get across.  Now, this would be a better situation for me if underneath was like water of some sort.  LOL…
  2. Ha ha!  This would be hilarious.  Have you met Adam??  LOL…
  3. I don’t know.  I hate funerals, so I would probably use any excuse to not have to go to one honestly.  If it were a wedding though…you probably couldn’t keep me from coming.  I love weddings for some strange reason.

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