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Situation Sunday # 7

1} Your best friend who you have known your whole life, tells you the person you are dating and plan to marry is total wrong for you and no good. And that person hates your best friend. What do you do if anything?

I don’t do anything, I don’t think.  I am not the sort of person that makes friends lightly though, so would be very surprised if this happen with a close friend.  (I am happily married though, so chances of this happening….are none.  If you don’t like my husband well too bad for you as of now.)

2} You have just won the largest jackpot in history. How is your life going to change? What will you do first?

I would probably just pay off my bills and do some upgrading to my house.  There would be no major change really though.

3} Someone you are close to is dying.You are the POA. You have the power to save them, { wither the money for a cure, or a organ that you can give them) they tell you no, they are ready to die. What do you do?

I let them do as they want.  It is there decision to make not mine as I would expect the same from them for me.

I am going to start doing this situation Sunday meme, because it looks fun and interesting.  The situations are posted on this site if you would like to join in.