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Situation # 1 – You have come home and noticed a package that was delivered to your house by mistake. It belongs to your neighbor, who always seemed a little weird to you. You could never figure out what it was about her, but she just seemed different. As you are about to ring her doorbell, you happen to notice the curtain inside is slightly moved and you can peak in. Usually all the curtains are closed tight. You see that she is not in her earthly suit, and looks more like a alien. What do you do?

I guess I wouldn’t care.  I don’t worry to much about strange things.  I am sort of unconcerned with the comings and goings of others and so long as it didn’t directly affect me, living next door to aliens could be sort of cool.  My neighbors are pretty strange in addition, but I love their strangeness.

Situation # 2 – About 5 years ago you had a relationship with this guy, it lasted about a year. It didn’t seem to last and it ended. Your phone rings one night and there is this woman on the other end crying, she says she is living with him going on 3 years now. He has started to talk a lot about you and has put pictures out around the house of the 2 of you. You have no clue as to why, you have not spoken to him in 5 years…….How do you handle it?

I guess this would be her problem to handle for the most part.  I would be sad for her, but if someone is delusional.  That wouldn’t be my issue.

Situation # 3 – You have a friend who just drains the energy right out of you. She was married for 10 years, and divorced for 4. Whenever the 2 of you are together she either tries to make every conversation about her, or is always in tears. You have known her for years. Went to school together, have been best friends since like forever, how do you handle it.

Ok, I was married 10 years.  I don’t have any solid friends like this though, I was a loser in school and probably still am.  Anyways…  I would probably slowly become less and less friends until we were just acquaintances or I would just drop her.  It would depend on a lot of variables.

How do you handle these situations?  Comment below or leave me a link.  I’ll go see your posts out there.