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Situation Sunday is hosted weekly by Helena Skyblue.

Situation1 – You awake one morning to find that everyone is gone but your family. The TV is on and the President starts to say we have been taken over by Aliens, with a stronger force than what we have, all of the sudden the TV goes blank…….Nothing but static. What do you do and how do you prepare for the take over?

I guess this would be such a shock.  I would start down my bus roster calling everyone to see if there is anyone to pick up.  I would then proclaim school closed all by myself.  I would otherwise do all my normal things, I don’t think there is any preparing for something like this.

Situation #2 – You are in a big city, NY say….And you are walking down the street sight seeing and all of the sudden, there is a camera man in front of you and Barbara Walters is asking you to describe the most special thing in your life…..Describe it and what you would say.

I don’t particularly like Barbara Walters.  Am I the only one???  I avoid her shows.  I would say that my daughter is the most special thing though.

Situation # 3-  You have to set sail in the ocean, all by your self on a raft that you had made your self. How would you make it , and what would you bring with you? Where would you hope it would take you?

I would never do this sharks scare me, but supposing I did.  I guess I would make it out of Styrofoam as I haven’t seen that sink to much.  I would maybe reinforce it with some sort of metal.  I would go off to discover new world.  Probably a new island…maybe out by Guam somewhere.