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Situation Sunday usually has some serious dilemma’s all thought up by the brilliant Helena-Skyblue.  You can play along on Sunday’s too.

Situation # 1 -You have been working month’s , even doing numerous weeks of overtime. You have planned a vacation that has been in the works for 7 month’s. Your family or friends are so looking forward to the trip. Plane tickets have been bought, Hotels have been paid, suitcases are packed. The day before you boss has decided you can not take the time off, pressing work matters need to be done, { Again , and again}. The trip is very important to you. Your job is a job that you have been at for 5 years. What do you do?

I am not sure.  I think I would say “Hell with it!” and go on vacation, I am a bit of a rebel.  If my job was so busy before I left, I am sure they would still need me after I got back.  You know…I have mad skills.  LOL…

Bergen%2B-%2BOslo Situation # 2 – You and yours are traveling abroad you have planned a car trip when you get there, to see more of the country. You are in Norway. You start out in Bergen, and are traveling to the capital of Norway, Osio. On the second day you are in the mountains, A major snow storm breaks out. You do not realize how much snow is about to fall, you slide off the road and end up in a ditch, no one is hurt, but you are stranded with 4 1/2 feet of snow all around. It could be a very long time, weeks to be exact before you even hear any plows. What do you do to survive and wait out the time? {No cell phone service}There is a map of the country.

Oh, I want to go to Norway.  After reading this though, I think summer is a better time of year.  I guess I would slowly eat all my snacks and pull out all my clothing for the long spell sitting on the car.  I would probably exhaust my vast knowledge of children’s songs as well.  The Farmer in the Dell, you can hear me now.  CAN’T YOU???

Situation # 3
You and your spouse have 4 little girls, you try again for a boy and after a very dangerous and hard delivery you succeed. You have almost lost your life in the delivery. And now you find yourself again pregnant- Baby # 6 is coming. You are 32 years old, Do you go through another rough pregnancy? What do you do?

Yeah, I guess I would have too.  I try to be calm and take care of my other 5 kids best I can.  LOL…I can’t imagine.  You see…I am 30 and only have my one Kyra.