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Here is Situation Sunday brought to you by Helena-Skyblue every week.

Situation 1}You have won tickets to Dr. Phil. or Oprah. To discuss what is very important to you,,,What do you discuss?
Can you talk about it live on TV?….If it meant you will win 1/2 a million to discuss?

Oh, this would be hard.  I am very shy in person.  I would rather just type out my moans and groans than be confrontational.  I would probably talk about bus driver and other school support jobs pay though if I had too….these positions need more pay.  This is not just because of my pay, but like the cafeteria workers in our school make close to minimum wage.  These are the people that deal with your children.  I would talk about it and for 1/2 million dollars I would even come prepared.  I would probably end up giving most of the money away though.  Something like pay for the college of all the kids that ride my bus or something like that…I would probably only pay off my house for the part I kept.  I don’t want to have excess money, but I want it to be easier to pay the bills.

Situation 2} You are out shopping in a neighboring city. You are at this stop sign where it seems stuck on red. As you look around at the surrounding area….you notice your spouse’s in law leaving a motel room with their boss. Do you tell your significant other,,,or your in law…or do you pretend like,,,the character in Hogan’s hero….Shultz….I hear nothing,,,,I see nothing! ..What do you do?

I would be laughing and tell Adam that I saw his dad with his boss.  Yes, surely I would tell him.  It would be hilarious.  I am not very quiet about things I see and don’t keep secrets unless I am specifically told to or have a very good reason.  I am the person it is best just not to tell your secrets too.  Keep them to yourself as that is the whole idea of secrets.  I would probably blog about it and the whole world would know.  LOL…

Situation 3} You are out on a date with someone that you like,,but yet you do not really know them. You are out on their boat on the ocean….they accidentally fall over, you reach for the life ring to throw to them,,,{ life ring= floatation device} does not reach them. You not knowing how to swim,,,,what do you do? the boat radio was never a option,,,it was never hooked up. You also have no cell sevice…..What do you do?

I would drive the boat closer until the floatation device reached them.  I would hope they are good swimmer.  In reality though, I am a fairly strong swimmer and might be able to get them.  I am not sure if I would jump over or not though.  I am scared of sharks.    I would figure out a way to get that floatation device to them though.