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Situation Sunday is brought to you by Helena-Skyblue each week.  This first situation is a real one that someone dealt with in real life.

Situation # 1
You are in the service. Stationed over in Iraq. Some one in your group gets shot by a missile. The missile goes into there midsection and pierces the guy. It is sticking out in the front and the back of him. The guy never looses conscience, and pleads for help. The rules are clearly written out in black and white, if this ever happens do not go any where near them- treat them as if they are dead already. There is the possibility that more could die if near him and it goes off– What do you choose to do.

I was in the military and I imagine myself being in there still sometimes.  I never saw anything terrible though while I was in.  I was in during peace times.  My experience with it was sort of like a party honestly.  Anyways back to the situation…I mention that I was in because the training that they give you is like brainwashing you.  The rules are almost iron clad and you think there will be mass punishment if you disobey or at least most people do.  I think most people in the military would have left and I would understand why.  I though am sort of the rebel.  I never really worried to much about there punishments hence…I am not in the military anymore.

I would have been with this person when they died or lived.  I would have died myself if need be in order for that to happen.  I understood the risks of the military and it was one of the things I didn’t take lightly.  I don’t think I would have removed the missile.  I would have left it.

I imagine it would have turned out like that one show of Grey’s Anatomy in the first season.

Situation # 2
You have been chatting awhile on line, at one of the numerous dating sites. You think you have met Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful, your soul mate. You are about to meet at a very nice restaurant,after 7 months of deep serious chat. When you get there you realize that your date is a Siamese Twin. They are attached at the head. One is facing one way, and the other the opposite. What do you do?

First off have a heart attack.  I don’t think I could continue in the relationship though if you call and online chat sessions a relationship.  I am more private than this and to have a connection on a physical level with someone while someone else watched and somewhat participated in would be to much for me to handle.

Situation # 3
One of your siblings or a close friend is constantly doing things that really bother you. They at times act like the superior one, and tell you what to do. Or they will try to keep something of importance a secret from you finding out. This is beginning to take its toll on you and you are almost at the point where you want nothing to do with them. How do you handle it and what do you do?

I drop people easy.  It is one of my personality flaws, so I doubt a person would even get me to consider staying hanging around with them.  I don’t rebound from being hurt by people.  I just sort of disappear from them and don’t go back.  I don’t want to be around people like this.  My close friends are a very loyal group whom I have a lot of respect for and I don’t think this would happen, but it is hard to get into my close friends group.  It is easier to get out though.