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Situation #1: You and the one you love, are taking a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean. The ship stops at one of the ports. It has a stick time when you need to be back. {They are only allowed a certain amount of time in the boat slip, another ship takes it’s place as soon as it pulls out. Allowing no time for doodle.} As you are both strolling along a very crowded market place, something catches your and you get separated. Try as you may you can not find the person you came with. Time is slipping away and you must get back on the ship. Perhaps they went back all ready….. As you get back on the ship you search every where for your partner…..The ship is pulling out of port…..What do you do?

If it were an interesting port where I could hang around awhile, which I assume it would be.  Off I would go for the next ship to come get both me and my partner.  It could be fun to be stranded in the Caribbean.  LOL…

Situation # 2  You have won a trip to any where in the USA. It is only for 3 days, and one person. Every one encourages you to go. So you decided to take a the trip and you decide on Alaska. All by your self and explore a bit of America. The plane takes off right on schedule. There is a older couple, and a middle aged man. And the Pilot. The plane is over the Yukon valley and goes down……{It is October},,,,The pilot and the older couple do not make it. You are bruised but luckily no broken bones. Neither has the other passenger. You are in dense woods, how do you survive……No one finds you for 3 months. There is no cell service. What do you do?

I imagine the pilot would be the more tasty meal, based on the fact that younger animals usually make better meat.  Anyways, I guess I would live in the plane with this other man.  At least I would have company.  I can’t imagine being in a place that doesn’t have human contact though between here and Alaska.  I wouldn’t think it would be 3 months more realistic to me is maybe a week.

Situation #3  Lets just imagine that you have found a time machine that takes you back in time,,,Say you are 70 and you can go back to 30…in body. What time do you choose and how would you live things over or differently if any?

It would be great and nope.  I would do it exactly the same.  I am proud of my life and how I have lived it.

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