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Here is Kyra sleeping on my lap on Friday. She slept like that for over an hour. I love holding her while she sleeps, I know I am crazy. I love it though, so peaceful.

This weekend was basically boring. Adam worked all weekend, so we were home alone. I am glad he doesn’t do that again for awhile. Only two more weeks and I get to drive again.

Here is a picture of Kyra from this weekend. I took several pictures of her this weekend. It was pretty fun.

Here is another one of the pictures I took. She was really photogenic that day. She looked sweet all day.

She clapped for the first time on Saturday. It was really cute. She looked at her hand and than her other hand and then clapped and looked at her hands again. I was laughing. She did it like 4 times then she stopped she hasn’t done it since, but it counts as a clap.

She has also learned to blow. You blow her hair and she will blow your hair back. It is pretty cute too.

She still isn’t talking. She is babbling and screaming more and more though. I think she should start soon.

Well…That is all for now. Bye…