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I slept so well last night that this morning when Stephen woke up. (He gets up at 4:30.)  I couldn’t go back to sleep, like I usually would. 

I instead got up and worked on here.  I changed the colors of my site and the header image, what do you think??

I also got the call from the school that they closed school.  I am not off of the mass calling list yet.  That is okay though, but it makes me glad to not be a bus driver anymore.  There is like 2 inches of snow and they canceled school.  That means I wouldn’t have gotten paid for today and I would have to drive on a day when I would rather have been doing something else.  It’s good to not be driving.

My new work is torturous though.  I really look forward to knowing what the heck I am doing.  I am still feeling somewhat lost.  I have read and studied a lot about insurance and know a lot about policies, with how it all works.  What is covered, what isn’t covered all that fun stuff.  It now sort of sits in my brain as unused knowledge because I don’t know the systems in place to get this to the people that need it.  I don’t know how to look up what coverage a person has versus doesn’t have.

The study material for me to study to be able to get my state agent license has came in, so I will be doing even more studying of policies and procedures, probably more than learning other stuff I think I should know.  I feel somewhat worthless and sometimes even distracting while I sit in the office that I may eventually call mine.  It has other occupants as of now, so I and they share.

Kyra is doing exceptional so far with all this coming at her.  She is an amazing person.  I miss her though, so very much.  I was going to let her stay with her dad tonight all night, but who knows if that will happen. It feels like I have hardly seen her.  I know tomorrow is our day, but I have to go get my oil changed in my car which now is getting driven actually.  That won’t be bad though.  I should also do some house cleaning, so maybe she can help me with that.  She is probably better at it than I am, she gets lessons from her father.

Anyways, I off to get shower and get ready for work.  Woo Hoo…  it is Friday, so I can wear my jeans.  I like Friday’s already.  Have a great day!