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I slept in until almost 9 o’clock this morning.  Woo Hoo…  I love that feeling of staying in bed into the light of morning.  Yeah, I like the sunrise views as well.

Well, I got my official unemployment notice for summer today.  I am officially worth $128 a week at least I can buy groceries with it and it is more than the $40 that I got last summer.  I am allowed to make up to $181 and still get some money as well, so that means my little $60 or whatever that I get for my other job won’t really affect me because I get paid by weekly and that will fall under my allowable money.

20070616_01305pKyra was in a good mood most of today.  She is struggling to go to bed though and is actually still very much awake here with me.  We didn’t go anywhere today though, so a basic relaxing day.  We colored a lot today and sung the ABC’s extra few times.  We watched Sesame Street like 3 times, it really seems like there beg for money gets longer and longer each time I listen to it and the show seems shorter and shorter.  I know the money part is important and all…..Kyra just brings me the remote every time that part comes on.  LOL… 

A really cool part of today is she was totally potty trained all day until like 10:30 tonight.  She peed on me at that time, but oh well.  It was still good.  This photo is of her having gotten my shoe to go outside to see the goats, she always gets our shoes for us.

20070616_03605p20070616_02905pWe were out at the barn for quite awhile today.  Doesn’t the cat look relaxed out there??  LOL…   Than there is Caramel, she is getting so big.  Here look at her in this old post from when she was first born.  It is hard to believe that this is same animal.  Kyra watered the goats today almost by herself, she changed from one bucket to the other without even being told.  She is a smart little kiddo.

 20070616_03705p  I got some of my online stuff done as well because she took a good nap.  I think that is probably why she is still awake though.  She didn’t take a nap yesterday, but went to bed slightly early and very easily.

I am having trouble with ants at my desk today which is pretty annoying.  I need to figure out where they are coming from to get rid of them. I vacuumed everything yesterday, but they are still showing up here today.  I think they are coming down from the ceiling which sucks.

Well, that is all for today.  I am going to do some other stuff around waiting for the pumpkin to decide she is tired….I am okay though, so she can take all night.