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School Bus - Cartoon 7 I would be up a river with this one.  I don’t do that required bus search until I have all my things gathered up and am at my house parked for the day.  My house is over 20 minutes from the school, so the student would easily be over an hour late to school. 

I basically don’t stop from the time the bus is fully loaded, then unloaded at first school, then over unloaded at second school and then straight home.  I don’t get out of my seat.  I get home gather my things which primarily consist of my cell phone.  I walk to the back of my bus come up front, gather Kyra and off we go.

Because this is my standard procedure and completely within the law… I don’t think these parents should even have a complaint really.  It isn’t the drivers fault the kid fell asleep and he was returned to school safely which is basically her job.

What do you think??

Here is the PDF.